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We manufacture, supply and export to various industry verticals such as Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers , Confectioners , Frozen Dairy, Snacks and other Food Packaging industries.
Our products are loved for their functionality and visual appeal, making them worthy of your investment as they showcase your product beautifully.
We look forward to working with you and making our planet a healthier and greener place!
Discovering new boundaries leading to process evolution which is nature friendly.

Be the world’s premier extraordinary handicrafts, Nature friendly manufacturing and exports.

We believe there is a natural solution for every man made problem, so one step with Asha overseas.

Replace Plastic bags, Made from pure cotton which is a natural biodegradable material.
Can be purchased in different designs and different sizes and different occasions.
We manufacture Cloth bags with customized sizes with custom prints.

Production Process:

  • Samples making
  • Samples confirmation
  • 50% Payment at the time of order confirmation
  • Mass production (Initial & during production inspection)
  • Final quality inspection over video recording
  • Balance 50% and shipping charges payment once order is ready to despatch
  • Packing
  • Shipment


  • Sample charges will be extra.
  • When the product is not available, it will take minimum 7-10 days for production and delivery.
  • Upon receiving the consignment, first uninterrupted opening video is must for any disputes.

Materials Used:

  • JUTE
  • CANE
  • Eco-Friendly Natural and Handmade with Natural fibres.
  • The products are perfectly handcrafted out of finest of raw materials to ensure long term use.
  • Great products for multipurpose use

Production Capacity:

  • Depends on material and order quantity.

Packaging & Delivery details:

    • According to product dimension.
    • Drop tested
    • We deliver through Roadways and Airways
    • For export order, we deliver through Airways and Seaways