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Discovering new boundaries leading to process evolution which is nature friendly.

Be the world’s premier extraordinary handicrafts, Nature friendly manufacturing and exports.

We believe there is a natural solution for every man made problem, so one step with Asha overseas.

Replace Plastic bags, Made from pure cotton which is a natural biodegradable material.

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Our food packaging products range from ready meal sleeves to chocolate and confectionery boxes. Whether you run a bakery, supermarket or work in the fast food sector, as one of the India leading food packaging companies we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Brand recognition is very important in the food industry, as shoppers always look for their favourite products when browsing the shelves. Our creative designers can put your stamp on your packaging. Let our experts put your company logo and branding in a prime position. We manufacture, supply and export to various industry verticals such as Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers , Confectioners , Frozen Dairy, Snacks and other Food Packaging industries. Our products are loved for their functionality and visual appeal, making them worthy of your investment as they showcase your product beautifully. We look forward to working with you and making our planet a healthier and greener place!


The Handicrafts of Bamboo is one among the oldest crafts better-known to man. It’s universally practiced at varied regions throughout India. India is had a fashionable source bamboo materials, and therefore the Indian artisans had observe to provide beautiful utility articles.

Hand Bag

Plastic baggage is fashionable shoppers and retailers as they're a purposeful, light-weight, strong, cheap, and healthful way to transport food and different product. Plastic may be a huge threat to our Planet Earth. The reason is plastics aren't biodegradable.

Wooden Plates

Wooden plates, wooden platter, cheese plate, appetizer plates, eco-friendly plates, bread plate, rustic plate. A wooden plate for adding classic experience to tableware. Make it for showing off, or for the satisfaction of a hotel-like feel in the home.